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Nile Migration : Why choose Us, for getting an international student visa?

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Nile Migration : Study Visa Services

Nile Migration is now, the, most unfailing authority for study visas of countries such as Australia, US, UK, New Zealand and Germany. We have consultants who have been handling the admission and study visa processing of all these countries since years. We handle the study visas requirements of all the aspiring students on a need basis, i.e. we let them know which university is suitable for the course which they are keen to pursue. Based on interests, and the budget requirements, we provide our clientele with a list of international universities. Whichever university is approved by you, we process your admission to it.

Our counselors and admission process managers are specialists in the rules and regulations of different international universities. They also keep themselves acquainted with any changes which happen in the admission rules. The students have a pool of universities available to them before their admission choice is finalized. Apart from such specialized knowledge, the USP of our company is the warmth extended to clients due to which they don't feel isolated till the time they start their education in a foreign land or even when their course is completed and they need assistance for any education based work permits. We believe in providing multi-fold assistance to our clients.

So, you can browse through our focused portfolio of services available for study visa seekers:

  • Assistance for scrutiny of universities for admission
  • Help in admission
  • Help for clearing the IELTS and other English language tests
  • Travel related help
  • Scholarships based help
  • Post-session-start help
  • Education based employment permit help

When we suggest a university to a student, we provide him with admission opportunities depending on adaptability factors. It’s because we also look at the future prospects of a student while providing him with options for overseas admission. The factors listed below are our tools in making a student choose the destination offering maximum benefits after getting educated abroad:

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Top 6 Countries Where We Provide Study Visa

Study In Canada

Canadian education has assumed so much of fame because of the importance given to the education here.

Study In Australia

Australia is an outstanding educational location now with high-quality institutions located in this country.

Study In UK

UK is the home of some of the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions. Imagine learning in supportive…

Study In New Zealand

If you want to study in a country with so much peace then  New Zealand is a fine choice. This country only has a population of 4 million

Study In USA

US boasts of one of the most amazing educational systems in the world. Its universities especially the Harvard University..

Study In Singapore

singapore is the home of some of the world’s top research facilities and academic institutions. Imagine learning in supportive…

Complete evaluation and assistance

Since our study abroad counselors have dealt with thousands of cases since we started this venture, they know what are the benefits and disadvantage of studying in a country in a university.

Of course, getting admission to a university and a course also depends on the intelligence levels of a student.  

USP University Specific rules :

We inform students about the admission deadlines on time, and when to apply for admission and how to handle post admission stress. There are also university related rules about the attendance of a student.

For example, a student can choose a course module online when he gets registered for any course at the University of Toronto. So, with us, once you are abroad, facing such education based hassles won't be a problem for you. A student has to do his selection of the course modules online before the seats for a certain module are open. Also, attendance is mandatory once you are registered and any absence has to be explained beforehand.

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